IT with impact

At the Science Park, we are making an impact on the world of tomorrow. Why? Because IT professionals gain, share and put into practice knowledge together with experts from a wide variety of sectors there.

Looking further

In everything we work on at Info Support, we like to look that little bit further: how does our solution contribute to the bigger picture? Because developing software today is so much more than programming. It is the core of perhaps every organization.

Not for but with clients

Today’s IT experts are not just the software developers who sit doing the programming with their headphones on. They are also professionals who seek each other out and learn from each other. Collaboration is all-important for successful innovation. That’s why we bring different disciplines together. And why we work with clients, rather than just for them.

In practice

Every day, from the various companies within Info Support International Group, we are making an impact on the world of tomorrow. For example, an augmented reality solution enables UMC Utrecht neurosurgeons to better navigate during brain surgery. Precision feeding software ensures that farmers’ cows emit less methane. And the solutions we have developed together with Dutch Railways ensure that trains can run safer, more energy efficient and more punctually. Interested to hear about more examples in practice? Watch the videos below.

RDW and Info Support

together for safe and trusted road traffic in the Netherlands


on Ondernemend Nederland on RTL7


and supermarket PLUS

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