Info Support International Group

As a multilayered, multi-company organization providing complementary services, Info Support International Group can deliver a comprehensive package of solutions and services to its clients. We will match you with the right partner or business unit to maximize results in any situation, tailored to your specific requirements.


Business units with integrated capabilities

The strength of the Info Support Group companies is that they are complementary, integrating business and IT capabilities. To give you an idea of how this actually works in practice, we explain the added value of this integrated structure below.  

Our base: the technological core

Our core services are provided by the IT departments of our two Info Support group companies in the Netherlands and Belgium (Info Support Netherlands and Info Support Belgium). Both companies develop customized software solutions for their clients and also invest substantially in their people’s technology skills and expertise. In addition to continuously investing in training and education at our Expertise center – which provides training to both in-house staff and employees from other IT companies – we make a point of getting together every Wednesday evening to give presentations on the latest advances in technology.

Technologisch hart

Industry knowhow

Besides their technological expertise, our people also have a solid knowledge of the industries in which our clients operate. This helps them to create industry-specific solutions which can often be applied directly, generally through one of our specialized subsidiaries or affiliates, such as R&R WFM, ZorgInfo, and Adifo.  


How do you motivate your people?

Aware that users have been known to struggle after switching to a new information system, we promote the importance of change management as a key success factor. The people at Global Services, a subsidiary of Info Support International Group, will assist your employees with end-user training, both for standard applications and customized systems.