BESTMIX® Software is a unique line of software tools for the food and feed industry. Over 1,000 customers in 60 countries use BESTMIX® Software to optimize their resources, create the highest quality products, achieve the best animal performance, serve their customers, work more efficiently and increase their profits.
Today we proudly share our industry-leading applications and expertise with customers all over the world. With constant input from our users, nearly 50 years of experience in the sector and advanced technology, we guarantee that our innovative products will truly make a difference.


Since 1974, BESTMIX® Software (formerly known under the name Adifo) has been developing and providing a unique line of software tools for the food and feed industry with a focus on least-cost recipe formulation, quality data management, ration calculation, cloud services and ERP. Our mission “Software feeding the future” highlights our commitment to not only offer advanced solutions, but also to be a reliable long-term partner for our customers. Every day, a team of more than 160 Agro and IT engineers – our experienced industry experts – creates and supports the world’s most advanced system for food and feed companies. With over 1,000 companies and thousands of users worldwide, we offer an extensive range of solutions in every area – from our products to our consulting services – to support you during and after implementation. The result is a partnership that includes all departments of your organization. With offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Poland, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States and China, BESTMIX® is pleased to serve a wide range of international customers.